Kinilaw na Isda(Spicy Tuna Salad)

Kinilaw (Spicy Tuna Salad)

Kinilaw (Spicy Tuna Salad)

The key to a superb kinilaw, in my opinion, is superbly fresh fish, good native coconut vinegar, tomatoes, onions, ginger, salt, coconut milk (if using), chillies and a citrus source of acid. I have had the kinilaws that have used tabon-tabon as well, and while equally delicious, I am not sure why one would try to remove the “langsa” from a fish that was just recently alive, and by definition, should have no langsa-ness at all. At any rate, here is how to replicate the dish that we made during the eyeball. This includes every single step we took so that you can’t accuse me of leaving out any trade secrets… If you want to do it exactly as we did, you will have to start by crafting this wildly wonderful, 18 inch diameter glass bowl (totally optional, btw) by freezing some water at the base of a planggana, then adding another planggana and filling the first one with water while weighing down the second bowl. We have a huge chest freezer at the office so we got to experiment with this and ended up with wonderful ice bowls for the buffet… that is a “Marketman touch” and I won’t bore you with the details of how to get the ice less cloudy (boil the water, twice) and how long the bowl might last (several hours), etc., etc. 🙂

prepare my kinilaw:

300g tuna filet
1 med onion
1 med ginger
3 or more chillies (red)

1. Slice the Tuna filet ( i live in germany, there you can just drop by the supermarket and buy the tuna allready as filet.)

2.wash the tuna and after that try to press the tuna very strong. (till nearly all liquid left the tuna)

3. now you have to take a bowl and put some vinegar in it. then slice 2 or 3 red chillies and put it in the vinegar. (you can press the chillie till the vinegar tastes very hot.)

4. put the tuna in the vinegar, mix it well and put it in the ref.(1-2 hours just as you want)

5. know you can slice the onion and the ginger into little slices

6. Sclice some iceberg salad and mix it with the onion and ginger slices.

7. when you take the tuna off the ref you can put some myonaise into the bowl and mix it well. then sprankle some salt and pepper over it and mix it again

8. put all the things together and mix it again ;)

9. wait for 30 minutes and mix it a last time

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