About Us

If you have heard this word before, you must be a kid who loves to play in the street of the Philippines. I grew up in a small town down south in Iloilo City, Philippines. When I was young my friends gave me the nickname Kram, which the reverse spelling of Mark. Then it evolved to IceKramBol which we regularly have for our afternoon snacks during the summertime.

ICEKRAMBOL is derived from Iskrambol (better known as SCRAMBOL) is a famous Filipino term for Ice Slush and sold on bike carts for 10 pesos. You have the ice slush, mixed with colored sugar syrup, if the calorie is not enough, you got to add the evaporated milk, topped with steamed black minute pearls (otherwise know as sago or boba)

I personally love to cook, I wanted to become a chef when I was young. We even had a restaurant back in the Philippines where I helped in the kitchen. in preparing some of the dishes. My first dish was Purefoods hotdog cooked in butter and UFC ketchup, but that was years ago. I later realize that there is no money on working as a Chef.  So I ended up being a software programmer after completing my college degree. I moved to Los Angles back in 2006 and have been working as a developer for the number one sports football league for almost 10 years. I currently work in Culver City and it has a lot of diversity when it comes to restaurants and food that they serve. You can taste different cuisines of the world in your local neighborhood. From the fancy $200 plates down to $2 street tacos. Whenever I have time, I try to clone some of the dishes I tried from these marvelous restaurants and food trucks.

ICKRAMBOL.com is my online food journey blog. We clone the dishes we see on social media, videos, and television. My friends and family always asked me how to cook many different dishes and I end up sending thru a text message the same recipes every time.  It’s becoming redundant and takes a lot of time guiding them to complete the dish so I decided to this website to share the recipes I love cooking. Like many amateur chefs, we copy our dish from our grandparents, parents, friends, and now the Internet.

Our website www.ICEKRAMBOL.com is dedicated to providing our readers with the most popular desserts, delicacies, fiesta food, appetizer, soups, and great original recipes from every town in the Philippines.